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Meg Sutton

Botanical Illustration, Pet Portraits, Interactive Media, Web Design, Photography and More
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About Me

Multipassionate and Endlessly Curious

I want to inspire people to grow – whether it’s growing their own garden, growing their knowledge and appreciation of herbs, or growing as conscientious stewards of the Earth. Through art, photography, and writing, I love to engage with curious and compassionate people to show them the magic of growing things and connecting with nature.


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Latest Updates
As a gardener and botanical artist, I tend to live season by season. As such, it makes sense to post seasonal updates regarding what’s going on in my neck of the woods. I’ll also occassionally post book rec lists, tutorials, and more!
Autumn 2018

Autumn 2018

I’m so excited to have this new website finished!

With all this rain the past few days, we’ve just been keeping warm and resting up a bit. As always, the cats approve

💦❄💨A significant system expected on Sunday into Monday.
•Very windy conditions expected.
•Heavy precipitation at times, especially over the mountains.
1-3" of precipitation across the mountains.
•Significant snow above 7000 feet with 6-12". #idwx #orwx

As of last week I’m no longer working as a Master Gardener program assistant at the Extension office. After 5 years, it felt like time to start a new chapter. I’ll be continuing as a volunteer, because I really do believe the program provides a valuable resource to the community.

🥶 Freezing temperatures are expected in the lower valleys tonight and again Wednesday night. Take steps to protect tender plants from the cold. #IDwx #ORwx

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My Current Project

The Urban Wild Quarterly

It’s difficult for me to settle on one thing for any length of time, but this zine project is so big and covers so many of my interests that it’s helped me stay focused on the end goal. I’m nearly ready to release my first issue! Learn more by clicking the button below and enter your name to receive the issue.

Understanding the concept of being multipassionate has made a lot of seemingly random puzzle pieces from my life fall into place, forming a more cohesive picture.