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Shipwrecked Comedy

Shipwrecked Comedy

(view the interactive site here) I have had the pleasure of working with the kindest and most talented group of people at Shipwrecked Comedy to create a showcase for their work, as well as an interactive site for their newest series Poe...

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February 2017

Work: In November 2016, I began working as an assistant for the Master Gardener program at the Ada County Extension office. I’ve been in the program for 5 years and was excited for an opportunity to use my creative skills to improve publications and materials for the program. Come see me if you have garden questions at the diagnostic clinic starting in May!

Personal: I am halfway through an herbalist certification course and I hope this year I will have an abundance of herbs growing in my garden so I can offer products for sale!


Here's an idea for your next project! Ink + demons + romance + line art! Go!

I’m thankful everyday that I found this ridiculous fluffball and that she loves me as much as I love her 😭💕

I think this street art piece is embodiment of the inversion. #boise

I wish I could get paid for all the nights I’ve stayed awake being anxious about work

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