I’m so excited to start offering zines! Learn more about my quarterly nature zines and coloring books!

For years and years I’ve dreamed about creating zines to share my interests and passions but I could never settle on one thing. I had my lightbulb moment when I was reading a book about the role of native plants in our home landscapes; I realized there was a grand overarching concept that tied together the things I love the most.

Urban wildness – the concept that nature is not something separate from us, something removed from our cities and suburbs. The wild is right outside our front doors and we need to take the time to notice it and be a part of it. As humans encroach ever further into all corners of the planet, finding (and doing our part to establish) nature in our cities will become increasingly important. We also need to nurture our own wildness, lest we forget that it is a part of us.