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This summer was overtaken by an unexpected bit of home renovation! We found a leak in our garage that had gotten under the house and made a total mess… but in the end we came out with new flooring, new colors on the walls and overall a more updated house that really fits us.

Summer is always hard for me at work, since it’s the busy season when we have people calling and coming in with thousands of plant and insect issues… it can be seriously exhausting. All the while I’m doing my best to continue the graphic design projects I’m working on. I’m grateful for the other two program assistants who work with me and support me!

We went to a few conferences for master gardener and horticultural training as well over the season, and I learned a lot about diagnosing plant problems as well as insect identification.

I worked on some major garden projects, including building and planting an herb spiral in the front yard! I’m really proud of it and excited to see how it grows and changes in the coming years.