Handmade Books

Handmade Books

Handmade Books

Sketchbooks, journals and other fun hand-bound goodness

Made with Love

I took a bookmaking course during college and loved the process and wide variety of materials that could be included! Here are a few of my custom-bound journals.

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A Few Simple Variations

I have a large selection of handmade journals/sketchbooks available to buy! These are good if:

  • you want to try a new art technique, but don’t want to risk ruining your fancy sketchbook or journal
  • you want to have a book (or two or three) devoted to a particular subject
  • you need something to bring with you that will fit in a purse or even a pocket
  • you’re new to the art journal concept and want to try it out
  • you just plain love little books and journals and collect them!

Currently there are three sizes: small (4×6″), medium (5×7″) and large (6×9″).

Basic Journal
S: $2 M: $3 L: $4

Cover: Watercolor paper
Inside: White sketchbook paper (16 pages)

Heavy Duty Journal
S: $3 M: $4 L: $5

Cover: Watercolor paper
Inside: White mixed-media paper (12 pages)

Heavy Duty Multi-color Journal
S: $3 M: $4 L: $5

Cover: Watercolor paper
Inside: Multicolor mixed-media paper (8 pages)

Hey! There’s an Idea!

Hey! There’s an Idea!

Hey! There’s an Idea!

Are you stuck? Creatively blocked? Dig into the prompts in this zine (generated by my art prompt bot on twitter!) and see what you can come up with.

Issue 1

Get Yourself Out of that Creative Rut

A wonderful art teacher once suggested to put various ideas onto paper strips and pull them out of a bowl when creative block strikes. I ran with that, creating a Twitter bot that combined the ideas into prompts. And now those prompts are available in print! Published every other month (or so).
Available for purchase SOON!

Take a Peak

Issue Preview

Perennial Journal

Perennial Journal

Egyptian Walking Onion Journal

A handmade perennial journal with pencil illustrations of the life cycle of the plant.

The Coolest Onion

One of the assignments when I went through the Master Gardener course was to record the life cycle of a particular plant. I chose the fascinating onion variety called Egyptian Walking Onions (“walking” because the seed pods drop to the ground and grow from there) and decided to draw illustrations.

Take a Look

I wanted this site to be fun and allow the projects themselves to really shine.