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I’ve had a wide range of interests my entire life. Over the years, I took classes in nearly all the various artistic media and loved most of them so much that the necessary supplies are still tucked away in my studio closet. I’ve also always been a nerd – playing video games and exploring the internet. As soon as I discovered the existence of digital art (when I was in 10th grade, probably 1998), I knew it was a combination of two loves that would be a part of me for the rest of my life. I am still constantly learning (and loving!) new art techniques.

When I wasn’t on the computer or making art, I was playing in the urban wilderness. The concept of wilderness existing in the city might sound odd, but you only need to think of the slip of forest tucked away in between downtown streets or the wetland area set aside for the birds and other creatures who prefer that habitat. For me, it was the empty quarter acre lot next to my childhood home. Here I could find a family of foxes living alongside a nearby canal or the hidden wildflower patch where I searched for purple tulips each spring.

These days, I’m working as a Program Assistant for the Idaho Master Gardener Program. My purpose there is to help teach people about nature and gardening and, most importantly in my mind, create and update educational materials to be accessible, interesting, and beautiful.