Handmade Books

I have a large selection of handmade journals/sketchbooks available to buy! These are good if:

  • you want to try a new art technique, but don’t want to risk ruining your fancy sketchbook or journal
  • you want to have a book (or two or three) devoted to a particular subject
  • you need something to bring with you that will fit in a purse or even a pocket
  • you’re new to the art journal concept and want to try it out
  • you just plain love little books and journals and collect them!

Currently there are three sizes: small (4×6″), medium (5×7″) and large (6×9″). There are the following options:

  IMG_4643 Basic Journal
Cover: Watercolor paper
Inside: White sketchbook paper (16 pages)
S: $2 M: $3 L: $4
IMG_4815 Heavy Duty Journal
Cover: Watercolor paper
Inside: White mixed-media paper (12 pages)
S: $3 M: $4 L: $5
IMG_4642 Heavy Duty Multicolor Journal
Cover: Watercolor paper
Inside: Multicolor mixed-media paper (8 pages)
S: $3 M: $4 L: $5
IMG_4677 Pattern Cover Journal
Cover: Cardstock w/various scrapbook paper
Inside: White sketchbook paper (16 or 24 pages)
S:$4 M:$5 L:$6
IMG_4817  IMG_6073 Custom-Bound Journal
Prices vary – contact me to make a custom book